We can all probably recognise times in our lives where we feel 'stuck', tired of feeling anxious or helpless, aware maybe of repeating the same patterns of behaviour but unable to get out of it. Or perhaps a big life event or sudden news has left us feeling lost or bewildered. We may know that we are probably catastrophizing or prone to taking things personally, but it isn't always easy to know how to be any different. 


Psychotherapy can help when we feel dissatisfied with life, overwhelmed or lost and want to make changes, but don't know where to start or what options we have.  Sometimes it is difficult to talk to someone close to us for fear of the impact on them, so it can be helpful to confidentially connect with someone impartial to help us cope with our emotions, or deal with situations we may feel that we have no control over.

Dr Jane Barker is a Counselling Psychologist, trained at The Metanoia Institute, with a private practice in Thame, Oxfordshire. She has specific experience in trauma, health concerns, anger management with a research interest in the challenges of developing self-compassion. She is a member of the BPS, UKCP and BACP.

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