De-clutter your mind with mindfulness



 Week 1 Awareness and automatic pilot


Week 2  Living in our heads. How our thoughts are not facts.

Week 3 The power of being present – living all your moments


Week 4 Recognising our patterns of reacting to stress


Week 5 Coping with stress - allowing / letting be


Week 6 Stressful communications and interpersonal mindfulness


 Week 7 Life-style choices. How can I best look after me?


Week 8 Keeping mindfulness alive!

What you will learn during a mindfulness course is the following:


  • How to be more aware in the present moment rather than caught up in negative or anxious  thoughts

  • How to step out of a constant ‘doing’ mode into simply ‘being‘.

  • To recognise your own responses to stressful situations and develop other ways of dealing with them

  • Simple meditation techniques that you can use anywhere which can transform your daily life



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And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow’ Yeats.

Cartoon by Henck and the CBT Partnership in Hertfordshire.

Mindfulness Chilterns: Courses running in Maidenhead and Princes Risborough.