8 week course


I have thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness course with Jane. She is an excellent teacher and has a lovely, calming style. I found the content to be useful and very meaningful. I was lucky to have a great group of students to work and connect with. At first the idea of meditating with 12 other strangers seemed really daunting but by the end of the 8 weeks we were all very open and comfortable with each other and Jane runs the course in such a way where you don’t feel pressurised or out of place. I truly enjoyed every week, especially the retreat day and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in mindfulness.

Natalie, November 2018


From the moment we first met Jane Barker, my wife and I felt that going on the 8 week mindfulness could be a really useful addition within our lives.   The 8 week course that was run by Jane was fantastic. My wife and I have gained life changing  tools and techniques to help us each day.  

Steve, November 2018

Jane is both a very experienced and an extremely skillful teacher of Mindfulness. She manages a group with confidence and creates a safe space for everyone to learn as much as they are able. The whole day part of the course was particularly therapeutic.

Penny, November 2018

4 weeks into Jane’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course I suggested to one of my work colleagues that I might stop attending. Her response was: “Please don’t stop boss, you’re a much nicer person to work with lately”.


I have now completed the course and have been surprised just how much I have gained personally from Jane’s teaching. To say that I am ‘less bothered’ by those everyday things that would previously wind me up, is an oversimplification. To claim that I have put to bed every single gremlin that has impeded my enjoyment of life would be fanciful. And to pretend that I have found the ‘fix-all’ for each of life’s stresses I might yet encounter, would be folly. But I do firmly believe that I am better prepared to manage my emotions, and I am certainly encouraged to continue Mindfulness practice.


Jane is a lovely, lovely person. She shows compassion and empathy in her teaching and in group discussion. She has helped me to shift my balance of thinking to the positive. I am very grateful, and cannot recommend Jane and this MBSR course highly enough.


Russ, April 2017

'Thanks for everything Jane, it's been amazing! I've enjoyed every minute'. Christine, March 2017

'Many thanks for a superb course and I was really impressed with you and the content. It has really helped with the lows and mundanity that life can throw our way and also to take a load out of our ruck sack of life. Carrying a huge load is painful and self-destructive and this has helped no end.' Sally, March 2017

"I have been practising Mindfulness Meditation for just over a year now and I thoroughly recommend Jane and the Mindfulness Courses she runs. After years of anxiety and panic attacks which had left me unable to function properly in everyday life, I read about Mindfulness and looked for a local course. I was so lucky to find Jane and her MBSR course. It has changed my life. I am now ‘back in charge’ of myself and my life and no longer at the mercy of my emotions and emotional reactions. It took some effort and turning up to the chair but wow! it has made such a difference. It is so nice to just be me."  

Debbie P.

"Thank you for all your help over the last few months with Mindfulness. I've always been a Type A Personality, and over the last few years the stress of my busy lifestyle has made me lose all sense of inner peace. I've become irritable, "short-fused" and have even become unwell due to stress. When I started mindfulness I was anxious about finding the time to practice and continually beat myself up when I didn't make the time in my day. However, the turning point for me was the retreat day. I am not someone who sits still for an hour, let alone a whole day so the thought of the retreat left me anxious. Even on the day of the retreat I considered not going, I made a list in my head of all the other things I could get done in that time and this set me into a mad panic. I persevered and ended up feeling the most calm I've ever felt. I finally had time to just sit and be. The week after the retreat I was driving to work and noticed the first real change. Driving is something that frequently causes me stress. I'm the first to admit I can be quite colourful and irate when driving, but this time I managed to stop myself. I thought about how the other drivers must feel, how I would feel if someone in another car was shouting at me and how this was just one moment of my life - and it made me stop. Was shouting going to achieve anything? Did I really need to hold onto anger? I put the three-step breathing into practice and drove away from a stressful situation. I have managed to implement mindfulness into my job too. It's been noticed by several colleagues that I'm calmer, happier and "seem lighter". I hadn't even noticed that my attitude at work had changed, but hearing feedback like this from others was really nice! I've started "turning towards difficulty" and have been addressing issues I've been avoiding for ages. Without Mindfulness I wouldn't have felt in control of my life enough to do this."

- Christina, March 2015


"I am so glad I attended Jane's mindfulness course.  I learnt so much and really enjoyed every minute of it.  I have a very busy life and very rarely do anything for myself, however when I read about Jane's introduction to mindfulness course I decided that I would give it a try.  That day changed my life, I felt so relaxed and alive.  I had not had a good night's sleep in years.  After the introduction day I found I was not only sleeping more throughout the night but I was also getting a much better quality of sleep too.  I couldn't wait to do the 8 week course.


Jane and everyone in the  8 week course were all friendly and very supportive.  I couldn't wait to go home and do my exercises and read the next chapter in the book. I found that despite not being able to do the exercises on a regular basis (due to lack of time), I learnt how to enjoy my food, my drive from A to B, how to control my stress levels, I was learning so much without actually realising how much.  It was only the third week, when it dawned on me that I had actually stopped checking the doors, windows, etc.  so many times before going to bed or going out.  It was especially handy yesterday, as I took my mum out, who does not like going out because of her illness, and after driving around looking for a parking space on a hot day, we finally found one, only to find that someone else cheekily came and stood in the space and would not move.  Normally it would have caused me to get so stressed and would have stayed with me for the whole day, but due to Jane's course, I found I stayed calm and let them know in a polite way what was on my mind.  I decided it was not worth getting stressed over and making everyone else with me stressed too. We let them have the parking and I found another parking slot.  So within 5 minutes it was sorted and I was not stressed at all, unlike my husband and children, but I had a calming effect on them soon after the incident, most important of all my mum had a lovely day out, which would not have happened had I not controlled my emotions earlier.  I have been recommending the course to others and would recommend it to anyone who feels their life is frantic. Thank you Jane and my group." - M.P.




"I thoroughly enjoyed this 8 week course. It was insightful and incredibly useful both in my personal life and my work life. Jane was an expert facilitator, very knowledgeable and intuitive. I am looking forward to going on some retreats!" - Gurinder

"I would just like to say thank you very much for letting me complete my second Mindfulness Course. I have really enjoyed the sessions and always looked forward to meeting everyone on Monday evenings. I feel it has really benefited me and enabled me to deal with different stresses and problems in a healthier and more rational way than previously.Looking back to my first session in October last year, I have come a long way not only with my health but with my general mental state and I put this down to the Mindfulness you have taught me. Thank you for being a great teacher and I will most definitely be attending the Sitting group next month to ensure I keep the Mindfulness practices going."

- Anna, March 2015



'I have for many years suffered from bouts of anxiety, which then manifested itself in chronic insomnia, I had started to read about mindfulness, and was eager to find out more about it, so joined one of Jane's eight week courses. 


On my way to session 1, without even realising I went into 'automatic pilot' mode and ended up driving past the hall, as if I was driving to work, it was at this point that I realised how much  this  course was for me, and smiled to myself that session 1 was indeed about the fact that sometimes we are living our lives in 'automatic pilot'.


Throughout the eight weeks I managed to do a daily practice and it wasn't long before the benefits were starting to show.

I have learnt to recognise when my body is becoming stressed and am able to implement what Jane had taught us, and particularly remember the two arrows story, which I think resonates with most of us.

All this in turn has controlled my anxiety levels significantly and  I can honestly say I have slept so much better since starting the course.   

It sounds dramatic but it has changed my life for the better!

I now look forward to my daily practice, 'time for me', which in the busy world we live in, is sheer bliss." - Sonia, April 2016


"I suffered from a period of around six years of quite substantial stress, including the illness and death of my mother, moving house, and my children moving schools. Mindfulness was exactly what I was looking for. It is life changing." - Penny 


"The course was well-structured and presented in a gentle, informative way.  The group was friendly and supportive and it helped enormously having the opportunity to sit in pairs and share our experiences of the practices we'd carried out each week.  I recommend this course to anyone interested in finding out about Mindfulness." - Ruth


"Jane's wonderful course helped me to appreciate the value of stillness and of being not doing. And this after 60 years of rushing endlessly forward and not noticing the wonders around me.Thank you..." - Debbie

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