The Benefits of Mindfulness

Inspired by the age-old meditation traditions, but free of religious association, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has been used for over three decades to help people to cope with stress, anxiety, pain, chronic health issues, eating disorders and many other issues. It is clinically proven to be an effective way of alleviating a wide range of conditions and is also a life-enhancing, mood-boosting way to cope with the everyday stresses we all face in life.


Mindfulness is growing in popularity, and has many advocates as a way to ‘re-connect’ with yourself in our increasingly stressful and busy modern world. Since Jon Kabat-Zinn pioneered the use of Mindfulness for stress reduction at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, over 16,000 people have completed the MBSR programme. 


MBSR has helped people with conditions such as sleep problems, stress, CBT, depression, coronary artery disease, chronic pain, psoriasis and anxiety. It is used to train medical staff and counsellors and has been used in courses designed to support people in a variety of settings, including prisons, schools and in the workplace.


Mindfulness helps us to:


  • develop our capacity to live ‘in the moment’;

  • be compassionate to ourselves and others;

  • relax more easily;

  • enjoy the moment;

  • let go of stress;

  • cope with both short and long-term periods of significant stress;

  • be more confident in ourselves;

  • deal with physical and psychological health problems, including chronic pain;

  • live fuller and happier lives.

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